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In addition to the free stuff (the website, the blog, and the podcast), there are fee-based services available.  

I'm available to speak to groups of all types concerning retirement living and retiring to serve.  Within the greater Houston area, this will generally be at no cost.  Beyond the Houston area, it is normally necessary for me to charge travel expenses and a speaking fee.  email me to discuss your group and its needs.

Seminars ranging in length from two hours to a full day are available.  Subjects include:

I'll be happy to tailor a seminar for your group.  email me to discuss your needs.

Christian Life Coaching
As a life coach with additional training in retirement coaching, I love working with individuals to help them chart their direction and take steps to accomplish their goals.  You'll find more information on my coaching website, Mapmaker Coaching, or email me to set up a time for a complementary, no-obligation visit.

If you are a church or faith-based organization interested in learning more about how you can facilitate helping those who retire to serve find meaningful roles of service in your community, I'd love to help.

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